Plastic Drum, S-TYPE

Description: Square shape with rounded edges and a recessed handle.

•  Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
•  Recessed handle for easier stack ability
•  Larger label surface
•  Customisable embossed inserts, including poison
•  Internal thread available for Agricultural use
•  Suitable for large dispensing pumps 


Volume (litres)

Height (mm)

Size (mm)


Label Size (WxH) (mm)

DG/UN Approved

Qty* Layers
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20 litres 375 282 x 288 80 5

130 x 198


58mm TE Drum Cap

58mm TT Vented Cap

56mm x 4 Thread Plug

Colours Natural, Black and Standard colours. Non-standard colours by request as prices vary depending on colour and run size.
Variations Pierced and bung options available (non-DG only).
Details All drums are fitted with easy to remove plugs and then despatched shrink-wrapped on pallets to ensure they arrive at their destination hygienically clean, free of dust and other contaminants. Closures and other accessories accompany the drums in sealed cartons. 
plastic drum info sheet Download S-Type Drums PDF

* Listed above are the standard number of drums per pallet. This is variable due to freight limitations to the various States.

** Dangerous goods have a DGA number embossed on the base and should only be used with the approved closure. Each product formulation is unique and it is the customer's responsibility to determine the compatibility of products with the container used. We recommend extensive testing is carried out with the product and the preferred container.